We are happy to announce the launch of Router’s ‘almost-mainnet’ version of a testnet. This is a significant upgrade on the testnet v1 that we launched in late Q1. Router’s XCLP (Crosschain Liquidity Protocol) delivers seamless liquidity migration across chains, coupled with smart-order routing for efficient execution against customizable parameters. Prior to the imminent launch of Router Protocol’s mainnet, the team has decided to make its new XCLP testnet available to the entire community, in response to persistent demands for accessing the testnet. Until now, this testnet was accessible only to a small number of users. …

We are pleased to announce that we will be integrating Avalanche, a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform, into our newly launched cross-chain XCLP testnet and later the mainnet. The integration will enable Avalanche users to seamlessly plug into the Router liquidity super mesh and transfer assets between Avalanche and four other blockchain networks.

Since the launch of its mainnet late last year, interoperability has been one of the main focuses of the Avalanche network. While the Avalanche ecosystem has seen significant growth since the launch of the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge last month, it needs more solutions for interoperability in order to reach…

We are excited to announce that the Galaxy Farm Cohort-2 has seen tremendous success in the past week, recording significant growth both in the number of transactions on the network and the number of token holders participating in the farm. The exciting multi-farming project hosted on Dfyn.Network has already managed to save users over $2 million in Ethereum transaction fees and prove, yet again, how powerful L2 solutions can be when applied right to the DeFi space.

Galaxy Farm Cohorot-2 went live on April 8 with Union Finance, Frontier, MantraDAO, Glitch Protocol, Nord Finance, Razor Network, Stater Finance, Rage.Fan, IGG, Coreto and Router Protocol.

The Cohort is special because it has a gamification bit on it. Initially rewards worth $165,000 will be unlocked for the farmers of the GalaxyFarm and once the TVL of the farm hits $2.5 Million, the remaining $165,000 in rewards will be unlocked. The purpose of this activity is to gamify the farming experience. Stakers are motivated to stake more and unlock and earn higher APYs for their LP tokens.

At the time…

We are pleased to announce that Router Protocol and other leading DeFi projects are coming together to launch an instant, gasless, staking, and farming ecosystem — the Dfyn Galaxy Farm. The Galaxy Farm Cohort-2 will be hosted on Polygon-based DEX — Dfyn.Network. The exciting multi-farming project is set to launch on April 7th.

The rise in popularity yield farming has seen in the past year has led to a massive liquidity fragmentation across the DeFi market. …

Given increasing Ethereum costs and the high friction associated with L1, Polygon and Router are teaming up with leading crypto projects to enable instant, gasless trading, and farming for Defi.

Router Protocol is building a cross-chain liquidity protocol and the first node of the Router Protocol is Dfyn.network which is a functional AMM-based DEX on Polygon (Previously Matic). This yield farm will be based on Dfyn.network, i.e. the projects and participants will have to add liquidity on the Dfyn.network to be able to participate in the L2 GalaxyFarm which will introduce gasless farming for this ecosystem.

Projects from the Polygon…

A couple of weeks ago, we announced a teaser trailer of our upcoming testnet launch on twitter.

We are excited to finally launch the Router XCLP testnet. The testnet currently allows users to swap stablecoin assets between the testnets of Ethereum (Kovan), Matic/Polygon, BSC, and Huobi chains.

Router Protocol’s XCLP based XSWAP

We also have a faucet where you can get all the testnet coins you need. You will need stablecoin assets on the testnet to play around with the demo. …

Router Protocol is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Cellframe, a quantum-resistant layer-1 cross-chain network, to bring Cellframe’s advanced infrastructure to our cross-chain bridges.

Scalability is one of the most pressing issues the crypto industry currently has to deal with. With congestion and high fees slowly becoming almost synonymous with decentralized finance, many protocols have decided to take matters into their own hands and provide solutions to this growing problem.

However, with many protocols now striving for compatibility, the question of how they will achieve it arises.

This is where platforms such as Cellframe come in.

Cellframe is…

Router — Dafi Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Dafi, a DeFi reward protocol for creating synthetic tokens, to enable DAFI’s token uses for the Router Network.

Created in the wake of the catastrophic 2018 crypto market crash, DAFI set out to fix the broken incentive model that plagued most of the industry. DAFI protocol creates a relationship between network rewards and network adoption by releasing dTokens that are tied to network consumption. Dafi’s mission is to introduce a completely new inflation model, so every decentralized economy can incentivize in proportion to their own adoption metrics.

After extensive discussions both with the Router community and within the Router team, we have decided to continue supporting gasless transactions while enabling Ledger hardware wallet users to continue interacting with the network.

Deployed on Polygon (Matic), Router is able to utilize the extensive and innovative infrastructure provided by the network for its AMM node — Dfyn.

Dfyn offers the ability to perform instant, gasless transactions. Dfyn Network utilizes Biconomy, a relayer infrastructure network and transaction platform that provides users with powerful APIs. These APIs essentially abstract away blockchain complexities by implementing gas-efficient meta-transactions.

However, implementing gasless transactions provided by…

Router Protocol

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