Announcing the launch of Router Protocol’s Cross-chain Testnet

Router Protocol’s XCLP based XSWAP
Router Protocol’s testnet faucet
  • No fragmentation of token liquidity; With many bridges, the overall token universe gets fragmented into tokens specific to a bridge, or a chain. One USDC on Matic may not be instantly fungible with one USDC on Ethereum, for instance. This is something our approach avoids
  • Unified gas fees; With Router, swapping Asset A on one chain for Asset B on another chain will be as simple as booking a ticket online between two cities. You set the parameters of the trade, optimizing for price/execution certainty etc and the protocol abstracts out all the underlying complexity for you
  • Delegation; Router holders will be able to provide liquidity to the platform through validator nodes and earn a share of the gas fees that is charged by the platform for enabling cross-chain transactions




The best crosschain liquidity aggregator

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Router Protocol

Router Protocol

The best crosschain liquidity aggregator

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