Announcing Voyage 5.0: A Rewarding Journey with Dfyn Exchange

Competition Details

Part 1: Piece of the Pie

  1. You should have swapped any crypto assets on Dfyn with a total trading volume of more than $100 within the aforementioned timeframe. You can check whether or not you have satisfied this criterion here.
  2. Subscribe to Dfyn and Router Protocol’s Telegram Announcement Channels
  3. Join Dfyn and Router Protocol’s Official Telegram Chat
  4. Perform one cross-chain swap on Dfyn’s cross-chain widget (any-chain-to-any-chain) between 2 PM UTC on August 10th, 2022, and 2 PM UTC on August 17th, 2022.
  5. Fill out this form with your wallet address and TG handle.

Part 2: Winner Takes All

  • First Position: 35,000 $DFYN + 350 $ROUTE
  • Second Position: 25,000 $DFYN + 250 $ROUTE
  • Third Position: 20,000 $DFYN + 200 $ROUTE
  • Fourth Position: 10,000 $DFYN + 100 $ROUTE
  • Fifth Position: 10,000 $DFYN + 100 $ROUTE

Future Competitions

About Router Protocol



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