CrossTalk Alpha Release: Build Cross-chain DApps on Router Protocol

  • Build native cross-chain applications
  • Port a single chain DApp to multiple chains
  • Launch chain agnostic NFTs
  • Integrate a cross-chain bridge on your platform.
  • Create stablecoins with built-in cross-chain capabilities
  • Hold cross-chain governance in your existing DApp


  1. Generic Handler: This is used for mapping and unmapping cross-chain contracts and handling all cross-chain requests.
  2. Bridge Contract: It keeps a record of all the incoming cross-chain transactions and executes all outgoing cross-chain transactions based on the voting process.
  3. Relayer/Validator Module: It constantly listens for incoming deposit records across multiple chains and performs validation and execution of proposals on the specified destination chain.

About Router Protocol



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Router Protocol

Router Protocol

A modular cross-chain communication protocol