How To Transfer Funds From Polygon to BSC

  1. As an added incentive for our community, users will receive a 50% discount on fees paid in $ROUTE tokens and a 20% discount on fees paid in $DFYN tokens.
  2. Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of the chosen fee token in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees. By default, the “Fee Token” will be set to the source chain’s native gas token (in this case, MATIC).
  1. It might take a few seconds for the pathfinder algorithm to estimate the number of tokens to be received on the destination side. Behind the hood, Router’s pathfinder algorithm finds the most optimal route to transfer your tokens across the two chains.
  2. You can use the settings menu to tweak the slippage parameter and toggle the expert mode. Having the expert mode turned on gives you the option to send assets to a different address on the destination chain.

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