In the run-up to Router Chain’s Testnet, we’re launching a prerequisite dApp — Tisperse: Public-goods, Open-Source application for dispersing Testnet tokens

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3 min readApr 24, 2023

As we gather momentum towards the very exciting testnet of Router Chain, we are pleased to introduce a public goods DApp from the Router Protocol team — Tisperse. Tisperse allows testnet tokens to be distributed easily from one address to multiple addresses. Most of the current disperse or multi-send tokens only cater to the mainnets. Tisperse is specifically built for the testnets.

This problem is particularly acute in developer relations activities, such as workshops, where participants need access to testnet tokens for various workshops or learning activities. To tackle this issue, we announce the launch of Tisperse, a free, open-source, smart-contract-based decentralized application (DApp) designed to simplify multi-recipient token transactions.

Tisperse was born out of our own experience with dev-rel activities, where we found that traditional token faucets often are restricted by university VPNs. This makes it difficult for workshop participants to access the tokens they need to experiment with and learn about blockchain technologies. With Tisperse, organizers can efficiently distribute testnet tokens to workshop attendees, solving the limitations of faucets and single IP restrictions.

Tisperse provides a much-needed solution for developers and users working with these tokens in their testing environments. By allowing one address to send tokens to multiple recipients in a single transaction, Tisperse not only makes the distribution process more manageable but also more cost-effective. It supports native tokens like MATIC, BNB, and AVAX, as well as ERC20 tokens, ensuring broad utility across multiple networks and token standards. Tisperse will continue to evolve and add more test-net networks. Currently, it supports Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche Fuji.

The code of Tisperse is open-sourced here: —

A lot of DApps are often first built and deployed in the testnets and later, they move to the mainnet. Tisperse will also enable developers and their teams to easily test those DApps easily by sending them native/ERC20-type tokens.

It should be noted that Tisperse is a public goods DApp and is an internal tool we use to make our lives easier. We are releasing it publicly, so broader communities can also benefit from it — in the spirit of web3 and open source. There are no fees for using Tisperse, we do not collect your private data, and there will be no token of Tisperse.

Tisperse is aligned with our mission of making development easier in a multi-chain ecosystem.

Hint: We may evolve Tisperse in the future to allow cross-chain testnet disperses. Think of being able to Tisperse MATIC in a testnet environment if you have BNB in your testnet wallet.

We invite you to join us in leveraging the power of Tisperse to promote innovation, education, and growth in the world of web3.

You can use Tisperse at

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