Introducing Space Farm : Earn Route Mining on Multiple BlockChains

Router Protocol is working to integrate multiple blockchains together in the ecosystem to ignite the revolution of cross chain liquidity. The idea is to allow our community to earn $ROUTE tokens irrespective of which blockchains they use. So far we have integrated three blockchains in the $ROUTE eco-system and each chain will get an equal number of $ROUTE token rewards for staking their LP tokens.

The stakers will have to select the blockchain ( ETH, Matic) in the drop-down to enable them to stake their LP tokens in that chain itself.

The Space Farm is primarily divided into 2 chains which have multiple liquidity pools each.

The space farm is also divided into two spacefarms : space farm 1 and space farm 2.

Daily rewards on each space farm for each day are 4649.2 ROUTE tokens.

Space farm 1 will have Uniswap and liquidity pairs. Space farm 2 will have 1Inch and Sushiswap liquidity pairs.

Both space farm 1 and space farm 2 will have 3 liquidity pairs each.

Each pair of LP tokens will have to be staked on the RouterProtocol platform and users can earn 773 ROUTE tokens in each pool. The program will go on for 10 days in which overall 90,000 ROUTE tokens will be distributed to the community participating in the liquidity event.

The $ROUTE tokens will become withdrawable once the $ROUTE token lists on a centralized exchange which is scheduled to happen within this month.

To ensure distribution of $ROUTE is fair, we are rewarding each liquidity pair with an equal number of tokens.

The APY cannot be calculated when the listing starts because there is no price determined of the ROUTE token, however once the token starts trading on centralized exchange, we will integrate with their price feeds and start displaying the APY percentage on the staking dashboard.

Note : The project is in beta stage and there are usual smart contract risks involved in participating in early projects. Router protocol will not be responsible for any losses. We are partnering with an audit company, but it should be noted that Router protocol’s contracts are not audited at the time of space farm launch. The audit when done will be shared on Medium.



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