MoonFarm Integrates Router Protocol’s Pathfinder API for Cross Chain Swaps

At Router Protocol, we have a singular the north star metric to define the success of our innovation. And that is simply, successful and recurring adoption. Adoption by end users leveraging our cross chain bridge, Voyager to conduct fast and secure cross chain transactions. But more importantly, adoption by Web 3.0 projects to use our modular cross chain infrastructure to accelerate and optimize their interoperable growth.

We believe that the evolution of the cryptosphere will be a secure chain agnostic ecosystem. With every adoption, we get closer towards realizing this vision. And today, we just took another leap in that direction.

We are extremely elated to reveal Moon Farm will be leveraging our Asset Swap API to conduct cross chain transaction on their platform. If you’re new to DeFi and don’t know a lot about this project, here a brief about them

About MoonFarm

MoonFarm is a DeFi and CeFi hybrid yield farming aggregator. It provides the best of both worlds, offering all the cost-effectiveness, easy access, transparency, and rapidity of DeFi yield farming, in addition to offering the security associated with a centralized financial ecosystem. MoonFarm optimizes yield farming interest (APY/APR) and provides users with the ability to choose what farms they want to use or the system will automatically determine the best farming strategies using the yield optimization engine.

As a part of their extended offering, they have rolled out MoonSwap, an Automated market making (AMM) protocol. MoonSwap allows users to swap from one cryptocurrency asset to another asset. However, their swap platform improves the way traditional cryptocurrency swaps are done. It does this by using the liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges (eg. Uniswap, Mdex or Pancakeswap) as well as the liquidity from Centralized Exchanges (such as Binance and Huobi Global). In doing so, MoonSwap harnesses the price benefits found in DEXs with the vast liquidity benefits of CEXs.

MoonSwap will now leverage Router Protocol’s Asset Swap API to find the most optimal path to transfer/swap assets across blockchain networks. Let’s learn a bit more about the Asset Swap API and what makes it so special.

About Asset Swap API

Asset Swap API is an abstraction of Router Protocol’s proprietary PathFinder Algorithm. This Algorithm is the part of our cross chain infra that allows us to always provide the most economical quotes and most optimized routes to conduct cross chain transactions. The competence of our cross chain bridge, Voyager, is a prime example of the effectiveness of the algorithm.

The PathFinder Algorithm has access to 53 liquidity sources on Ethereum and 24 liquidity sources on BSC. It can also discover the most efficient path for token swaps, enabling splits between different protocols in a bid to get the best prices. Moreover, it’s response time is also below 400ms, making it one of the fastest in Web 3.0.

MoonFarm will be accelerating their growth in the cross chain ecosystem by providing their users with these distinct capabilities. All through a relatively straightforward integration process.

If you’re running a Web 3.0 project and want to integrate Asset Swap API to extend your offerings, check out our documentation.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain liquidity infra primitives that aims to seamlessly provide bridging infrastructure between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain solutions.





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Build an interoperable Web 3.0 with our modular cross chain infrastructure. Relevant links:

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Router Protocol

Build an interoperable Web 3.0 with our modular cross chain infrastructure. Relevant links: