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Mint NFTs, Win $ROUTE Tokens, and More

Welcome back to the Router’s Tesnet Mandara! After the successful launch of various IDApps (Interoperable Decentralised Applications) on Router’s Tesnet Mandara, we’re back with another cool IDApp, Rabbit Rush! The best part? You can now earn $ROUTE tokens every 24 hours with Rabbit Rush! Let’s dive right into what Rabbit Rush is all about and how to make the most of it.

Rabbit Rush lives up to its name, offering a user-friendly interface. Here, you have the opportunity to mint your very own Rabbit NFTs and seamlessly hop them between different blockchains while witnessing some cool transformations. These NFTs, in turn, become your ticket to a daily lottery, with the chance to win $ROUTE tokens!

Check it out! https://rabbit-rush.routerprotocol.com/

What makes Rabbit Rush so unique?

Let’s delve deeper into the remarkable features that Rabbit Rush brings to the table:

  • Truly Interoperable DApp: Rabbit Rush stands out as a truly interoperable Decentralized Application (DApp). It can seamlessly communicate and operate across different blockchains and ecosystems, including Avalanche Fuji, Mumbai Matic, etc.
  • Omnichain Lottery System: One of the standout features of Rabbit Rush is its Omnichain lottery system. Traditionally, lottery systems are confined to specific chains or platforms. However, it breaks free from this limitation. It enables users to participate in a daily lottery from any blockchain of their choice. This means that participants from various chains can participate in the same lottery, creating a more inclusive experience.
  • Cross-Chain NFTs: With traditional NFTs, they are usually created and confined to a single blockchain, making them less versatile. However, Rabbit Rush’s cross-chain NFTs can seamlessly move across different blockchain networks. This means that your Rabbit NFTs aren’t limited to just one chain; they can hop and explore various blockchains and add a layer of uniqueness to each NFT as it interacts with different ecosystems.
  • Seamless Cross-Chain Movement: The ability to move NFTs across chains seamlessly is a remarkable feat. Rabbit Rush makes this process effortless, providing users with a hassle-free experience when transferring their NFTs between different blockchains.

Besides, before we get into the step-by-step process, here are the faucet links where you get tesnet tokens for all three tesnet that Rabbit Rush is currently allowing -

Here’s how it works-

Our platform is designed to be exceptionally intuitive and informative, ensuring you won’t find yourself wondering what to do next. Nevertheless, if you ever encounter any confusion, you can always refer back to this guide for clarity.

  1. First, connect your wallet and Switch to Router Tesnet

2. Now that the wallet is connected and switched to Router Testnet, you can simply click on “Mint my Rabbit NFT” and mint it!

3. After the NFT is minted, first share it on Twitter (this is super important) and then start the hopping game by clicking on Bridge to increase your chances to win the lottery.

4. Post Bridging, you’ll notice that your NFT has levelled up and changes its background. Now, to participate in the lottery, you need to select your Rabbit and stake it.

5. Click on “My Wallet” and you will be able to check your ticket’s status for the Lottery.

6. This is how the ticket section is going to look in three cases: when you have won, didn’t win, or the result is yet to be declared.


Router’s Tesnet Mandara continues to be a hub of innovation, and Rabbit Rush is the latest addition to our ever-expanding roster of Interoperable Decentralized Applications (IDApps). It offers a unique opportunity to mint NFTs, earn $ROUTE tokens daily, and experience the thrill of blockchain hopping. So, hop on board and start your Rabbit Rush adventure today!

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