Router Protocol Alpha Mainnet launch

Reserve Assets

Asset swap when the protocol has liquidity reserves
Asset swap for assets without liquidity reserves

General Assets

Two General assets being swapped between Polygon <> BSC
  • While the system is designed for cross-chain swaps and transfers, nothing prevents you from using it from same-chain swaps and transfers
  • There is a wrapped asset R(asset) introduced in Router Protocol to enable transfer in cases where the asset does not exist on the target chain. Keep in mind that this is NOT asset fragmentation. R(USDC) for instance is wrapped USDC that is completely backed by a USDC on the source chain but is portable to any chain including the source chain. This way, we are introducing a cross-chain stable coin that can be redeemed on any chain that Router is plugged into.
  • There will be occasional hiccups due to network congestion on either side (Discord link, TG link for support), the known list of issues (Discord); There are also some occasional RPC issues on the BSC side especially. The fee model is still a work in progress; At the moment, users can pay fees in USDC & Route( on either source chain), BNB & Matic ( on respective source chains. Route fee usage will have a bit of a discount, and we will soon add Dfyn as a fee token as well.
  • Keep in mind that this is an Alpha launch, so quite a few components are very much in the launch->learn->iterate loop.

Six months Roadmap

Security — Key priority

The Differentiation

The Architecture

$ROUTE Economic Model

Feedback & Support

About Router Protocol



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