Router Protocol announces BitMax staking

Router Protocol is pleased to announce that its first CEX-based staking program will go-live on February 03 at 03 PM UTC on $ROUTE token holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn yields via single-way staking on Bitmax.

ETH network congestion continues to be a friction for some among the ROUTER community to stake on Uniswap, thanks to ever-increasing gas fees. There were continuous requests for a centralized exchange based staking service so users can stake their tokens without having to deal with Ethereum gas fees. Our listing partner BitMax was happy to help us out with this request and will be launching staking for Route tokens.

This is not all, Bitmax will also be helping Router Protocol with on-chain staking via their platform to make it easier for Route token holders to earn protocol fees once that mechanism kicks in.

The staking program will be live for the next few months and will offer an APR of 20 percent. This is a great way for the community to stake ROUTE tokens on the BitMax platform and harvest daily rewards while we await the main net launch sometime in Q2 2021. The staking period will be for a minimum of 14 days, with some nominal costs for withdrawal prior to this period.

With the Bitmax staking program, Routers now have two options to put their ROUTE tokens to work; In addition to the single-asset staking on Bitmax, there is also the LP staking for the ROUTE-USDT and ROUTE-ETH pairs that continue on Uniswap

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