Router Protocol Announces the Public Launch of its Crosschain (XCLP) Testnet

  1. Give users a chance to become acquainted with the platform. Since the new XCLP testnet has almost the same interface and functionalities as the imminent mainnet, the community will be able to play around with the platform in a safe environment with testnet funds.
  2. By allowing for an open feedback mechanism, the Router team looks forward to hearing from the community regarding bugs, UI improvements, or any other suggestions in general. We will be carefully monitoring feedback channels and will incorporate feedback into the mainnet launch.

Previous XCLP Testnet

What’s New in the Current Testnet?

Revamped UI

  1. Cost estimations (network fee & bridge fee) and price impact. Users can analyze these metrics before choosing to proceed with the transaction.
Router Testnet

Cross-chain Swaps

Pathfinder API for Best Price Discovery

Dynamic Dashboard

Support for More Tokens

  • DFYN
  • DAI
  • Tether USD (USDT)
  • USDC
  • ETH

Support for More Wallet Providers

Liquidity Mining

Access the Testnet & Provide Feedback

Testnet Faucet

Mainnet Launch

  1. The integration of UST, MATIC, and ETH tokens. (The list is being finalized).
  2. In addition to USDT, users will be able to stake their USDC, DAI, UST, ROUTE, DFYN, ETH, and MATIC tokens to get their corresponding representation tokens (for example, rDFYN for DFYN).
  3. Launch of special farms to reward holders of these representative tokens — rTokens such as rUSDT, rETH, etc obtained by staking the native asset on Router can then be added to farms on DFYN for earning yield.

About Router Protocol



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