Router Protocol: Development Update

Development updates:

The entire Router Protocol team was in Dubai for the first Router hackathon. It was the first time many members met each other in person. The purpose of the hackathon event was to conduct an offsite and give team members a closer platform to work with each other. The venue of the hackathon was Dubai’s famous Palm Jumeriah islands.

Entire Router team

The theme of the Hackathon was Router SDK and all teams were asked to build X-chain DApps on top of Router SDK. The name for the Router SDK was decided in the event — which is CrossTalk i.e. a platform that lets DApps on different chains talk to each other.

Vatsal Gupta — presenting his Hackathon idea

Completed tasks

  • The trading competition backend and UI were completed last week and will be released soon once the t̶r̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ bridging competition for the Router app is launched in the next few days.

This week’s focus

  • 1Inch API integration to be completed and rolled out for better prices on the Router app.
  • Single asset staking contracts that will reward users who provide liquidity to the bridge are to be completed this week. (Bridge liquidity will be opened once the audit report is finalized).
  • Continued integration of Terra on Router app — we will be finalizing the contracts in the next couple of weeks and then continue to focus on the bridge integration for Terra.

Router CrossTalk (Solidity SDK) progress

  • Minor changes are required on the contracts which will be completed this week.
  • Discussions with audit company for auditing SDK initiated.
  • We will be putting effort into the documentation for the CrossTalk — adding examples and explanations of how it can be used by other projects to go cross-chain.

Audit Updates

  • Integration testing is in progress by the Hacken team and we are awaiting results from the same. The tentative timeline for completion is 25th May.

Marketing Updates

To make the most of all that the exotic location of Dubai offers, we also organized multiple fun team-building exercises as part of our corporate retreat.

Prof. Ashutosh Sahoo (Router marketing team’s latest addition) also conducted various branding workshops for the internal team after intense brainstorming sessions that will seed the foundation for the upcoming branding exercises in the Router eco-system. Expect some new branding exercises in this and next quarter.

Router team playing football

While our development team was busy building products, our marketing team conducted some fun activities to engage our community. As we mentioned in our last update, Router NFT is a crowdsourced initiative. We were busy admiring the extraordinary artwork submitted by members of our community (special shout out to — one of the community submissions). In fact, after multiple requests, our team has now decided to extend the competition by one more week.

If you follow us on our Social Media handles then you would also know that our co-founders recently sat down for an hour-long podcast with DeFi Slate. That podcast gave a deep dive into all operations that happen behind the scenes at Router Protocol. If you want to know more about the history, mission, and the future of Router, we’d highly recommend you give this a watch.

But that’s not all! Team Router Protocol is gearing up for a big announcement next week. We won’t spoil the surprise for you now, but if you’re into trading, then don’t forget to check this space in the next 7 days.

Business Updates

The Router Protocol team met the leadership team from Shardeum in Dubai and will build support for Shardeum. Shardeum is an EVM-based L1 blockchain that is solving scalability trilemma with linear scaling and low gas fees.

We are also speaking to multiple audit firms to select one on the retainer model to ensure that our audits are fast-tracked and take less time moving forward.

Contest coming to onboard new users and incentivize transactions and volume on the bridge

Many inbound requests from partners for Router CrossTalk and SDK, folks who are building

  • A DEX aggregator
  • A Bridge aggregator
  • A cross-chain DAO

Router protocol has now announced partnerships with over ten projects, some of the recent ones being with Coreto, Propel, and UnoRe.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






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