Router Protocol: Development Update

Up and Running Features & Updates: A quick summary in case you missed out

This week’s focus: Things that are on our bulletin board for the coming week

Roadmap : What’s coming the day after tomorrow?

Marketing Updates

Router Team is attending events

(L-R) Priyeshu, Lakshika, Shubham, and Ramani at Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai
Ramani was a speaker at Harvard’s HBC 2022 event on the emerging market panel. He will be joined on the panel by executives from SoftBank, Chingari, and Bitso.

Forming Partnerships :

  • To date, we have confirmed the partnership announcement with 5 projects: StackOS, Unilend, Matrix, EasyFi, and Rage.
  • Our governance vote also saw some traction — getting engaged with communities of Conflux Chain, Kucoin, Cronos, OKExchain, and many more in the pipeline.
  • We also have closed partnership discussions with 5 more projects which we will be announcing in the coming weeks, some of these have started integrating Router Widget into their websites which may take some time.

About Router Protocol



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Router Protocol

Router Protocol

A modular cross-chain communication protocol