Router Protocol: Development Update

When we started Router Protocol, we made a promise to work with complete transparency and accountability. To maintain this pillar of trust, here is a detailed account of what’s happening and what is lined up for the future at Router Protocol.

Up and Running Features & Updates: A quick summary in case you missed out

Arbitrum, Optimism, Ethereum, and Fantom Now Live

Last week’s major development was the integration of Ethereum, the pioneer of DeFi itself, and Fantom, which is known as the conqueror of the blockchain trilemma. This week — we have also integrated Arbitrum and Optimism into our mesh of integrated networks. You can now access these on Router’s mainnet and conveniently transfer funds and swap tokens across these chains.

With these integrations, Router has checked off the list of all EVM-compatible chains that it aimed to integrate into its ecosystem within its Quarter 1 phase in the roadmap.

Router Cross-Chain Explorer launch

Router’s cross-chain explorer indexes and details all the cross-chain transactions on a single platform. So, now users don’t have to struggle with managing two different blockchain explorers to monitor the transaction statuses or carry out cumbersome debugging to find out how many funds they transferred, to which chain, and when.

Router’s cross-chain explorer was a much-awaited milestone that we successfully achieved in the past week and now all your transactions are available in a transparent manner on Router, which you can view with ease.

Mobile UI Optimizations

Router’s mobile design is now improved, with a UI that is more compact and better for the users to navigate through.

Widget Improvements

The new updates on Router’s highly customizable widget will now allow partners to control the chains and the token list they want to display to their users via the widget.

You can integrate Router’s widget into your existing website and projects by following this guide.

Router SDK Progress

The first version of Router’s SDK development is now complete. The SDK allows Dapps to communicate across chains and it can be seamlessly integrated within the contracts you plan to build in cross-chain environments. As the next step, we would be conducting an internal hackathon around fourth week of April to showcase a few use cases that can be delivered using Router’s SDK.

This week’s focus: Things that are on our bulletin board for the coming week

Evaluate the Integration of 1Inch API

The 1Inch API is a cutting-edge discovery and routing algorithm that offers non-custodial asset swaps at the most attractive rates in major DeFi ecosystems. This week, we will be looking forward to analyzing the integration of 1Inch API into our pathfinder to provide even better and optimized cross-chain swaps to our users.

Single Asset Staking Contracts

We will also be working on single asset staking contracts which will reward users who provide liquidity to the bridge. The staking rewards will be higher for users who lock their assets for a prolonged period on the bridge.

Terra Integration

We will be integrating our very first non-EVM chain — Terra, to Router’s existing ecosystem. Terra is a public blockchain protocol that focuses on connecting on-chain and off-chain payments and strives to bring DeFi to the masses. This is a slightly longer project which will make headway over the next couple of months.

Audit Updates

Router had previously completed two security audits from Certik and Halborn. It underwent a third one from Hacken recently, and the audit report has showcased a few issues of medium and minor degrees. Since security is our principal concern, the team will be fixing the issues over the coming week.

Roadmap : What’s coming the day after tomorrow?

What’s coming next?

Router has many exciting things in store for you that is set for launch in the upcoming months. From Router’s SDK Launch and integration with the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency — Solana, to introducing more EVM-compatible chains like Harmony, Aurora, Moonbeam, and Cronos to the cross-chain infrastructure, we will be updating you in detail about each development in the due course.

Our roadmap has developments and milestones planned for the distant future too. In the period from the fourth quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023, you’ll be looking at the Router v2 launch, Router’s multi-chain token standard, and watch us leverage IBC to connect to the whole Cosmos ecosystem.

Our team is leaving no stone unturned to fulfill every goal on our long-term roadmap, with the mission to make Router Protocol the turnkey solution to interoperability.

Marketing Updates

If you’ve been following our announcements over the past few weeks, then you would know that Router Protocol is exceeding all expectations with its rapid expansion in the cross-chain ecosystem. We are elated to share that our work is now getting recognition by industry giants like Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, Block Crypto, Invezz, and more.

We are continually working on building and engaging our community on Twitter with informative and engaging content. Here are a few of our top-performing tweets in the last few days.

As we mentioned earlier, our operations are expanding exponentially. Naturally, our team has to grow in size as well. We are currently hiring for the roles of dev-rel advocate and a digital marketing lead.

If you are someone or know someone who would be a perfect fit for these roles, then do apply to these openings. At Router, our biggest resource is Human Resource. So we are very excited to grow in size and work on the future of blockchain with new faces.

Router Team is attending events

On 11th April, Router Protocol conducted an AMA session with Polygon. This was an enlightening event where members of our community understood the intersection of multi-chain and cross-chain as the future of blockchain. Moreover, all doubts over blockchain interoperability were addressed by the Router team.

Our representatives have been on quite the travel spree. We were in attendance at Binance Blockchain Week, ETHDubai, and Bitcoin Miami. We relish these opportunities for real-life interaction to meet the community in person because these events help us understand user concerns and give us the opportunity to explain the use cases of blockchain interoperability in a more personal manner.

(L-R) Priyeshu, Lakshika, Shubham, and Ramani at Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai

Ramani (Chief Bridgoooor) also participated in the Metaverse Summit and talked about overcoming the interoperability challenges in the metaverse.

Shubham (CTO) and Ramani were invited to speak at the Avalanche summit in Barcelona but the visa was refused by the embassy and they couldn't make it to the event.

Ramani was a speaker at Harvard’s HBC 2022 event on the emerging market panel. He will be joined on the panel by executives from SoftBank, Chingari, and Bitso.

Ramani has also received the invitation to be a judge at the upcoming ETHAmsterdam. Router team will also have a presence there if this time our visas come through.

Priyeshu attended the NFT workshop organized by Alchemy in ETHDubai and minted his first NFTs — could this be a sign of things to come at Router? [α]

Router Protocol is also well on its way to preparing to participate in a bridging contest that is organized by Arbitrum in May. We are also curating our own Bridging competition that will be live in April. Stay tuned for upcoming details on both these developments. Join our community to know all our developments before the rest of the world.

Finally, the Governance proposal voting is going on, with Cronos and Harmony leading the race for the next deployments.

Forming Partnerships :

  • To date, we have confirmed the partnership announcement with 5 projects: StackOS, Unilend, Matrix, EasyFi, and Rage.
  • Our governance vote also saw some traction — getting engaged with communities of Conflux Chain, Kucoin, Cronos, OKExchain, and many more in the pipeline.
  • We also have closed partnership discussions with 5 more projects which we will be announcing in the coming weeks, some of these have started integrating Router Widget into their websites which may take some time.

For more information about Router Protocol and its mission to revolutionize cross-chain interoperability, visit

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






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A modular cross-chain communication protocol

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Router Protocol

A modular cross-chain communication protocol

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