Router Protocol: Development Update (August 10)

Development updates

  • Moonbeam integration has been put on hold given the hack on Nomad. Testing on Kava has been completed, and we will launch it on Mainnet soon.
  • Dashboard upgrade — testing is currently in progress, and we plan to complete this in the next two weeks.
  • Improvements on the one-split contract — we have made specific optimizations on the one-split contract to create an easy process for adding new DEXes.
  • Added further documentation on the CrossTalk contracts

This week’s focus

  • Sequencing on Router Crosstalk — continue our efforts on this initiative. The development is complete for the first version; we will now be integrating gas price reconfigurability on the sequencer and completing the testing over the next two weeks.
  • Gas price configurability on Router CrossTalk — few issues were found in the past weeks, and the team is working on fixing them and completing the testing in the upcoming week.
  • Creating an abstract contract for cross-chain minting of NFTs — will allow projects to use this library and provide cross-chain minting of their NFTs. End users can pay from any existing chains and mint an NFT on the destination chain.
  • Voting optimization — we continue to optimize our voting mechanism to reduce the overall voting cost and make it more scalable for adding more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain.
  • Same chain swaps on explorer — we will provide the same chain swap information on router explorer so users can track their transactions via Router swap app easily.

Marketing Updates

  • We started August with a bang by crossing 10,000 members in our Telegram community.
  • Our Co-Founder, Priyeshu Garg, was one of the speakers at Polygon HackerHouse. He spoke about his journey in the Web 3.0 space and Router Protocol’s offering of interoperability.
  • Our CEO, Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran was invited to a Twitter space hosted by EasyFi where he spoke about Cross-Chain integration and asset interoperability.
  • On August 4, we conducted an AMA with Polygon on their Discord channel, where our CEO Ram was present to answer all questions.
  • It was indeed a busy week for Ram as he was also invited as a guest on CoinJournal’s podcast as well as the podcast by Medallion XLN where he shared his journey in the Web 3.0 ecosystem and the applications of Router Protocol and the future of blockchain interoperability.
  • After crossing $300 Million in transaction volume, our story got picked up by The Block. Check out the article to get a deep dive into Router Protocol’s core offerings and learn why TVL is a vanity metric when it comes to measuring the competence of any cross-chain bridge.
  • On August 8, our co-founder Priyeshu Garg hosted an AMA on Twitter Space with Michael from StableFund to answer all the questions of #ROUTEARMY and of StableFund community.
  • On popular demand, the $ROUTE-$USDC farm staking is now extended for another 21 days with 200 $ROUTE/day rewards.
  • And finally, wrapping up this week, just a few hours ago, we launched the long-awaited Voyage 5.0 in partnership with Dfyn. You can read all about the announcement here.

Partnership Updates

Router Protocol’s ecosystem map

Welcoming Zokshpay as part of Router partnership family. Zokshpay is a no-code, non-custodial payment for creators. Zoksh will integrate Router’s Pathfinder API to their platform, which will help take creator payments cross-chain!

Super elated to announce our partnership with Pontoon Finance, a cross-chain liquidity mirror protocol. CrossTalk is a framework that can be used by any existing or new application to enable seamless state transitions across chains.

We have also partnered with WeFund, which will integrate the Router widget into its DApp. WeFund is a crowdfunding incubator and launchpad for blockchain and real-world projects built on various blockchains. Access to a larger base of token investors through the Widget will benefit investors and the project (+the projects that launch on it) alike!

We welcome Synthr to our partnership family and that it will integrate Router Widget to its platform & Router will use Synthr’s zero-slippage swapping engine to execute atomic swaps! Partnerships are always about a win-win and so happy just like other partnerships, it benefits both projects’ users.

Another addition to our partnership family is Stable Fund, a secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet for all crypto assets. It enables customers to send, receive, buy and swap crypto assets. It is now fully integrated with Router Protocol.

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