Router Protocol: Development Update ( August 25)

Development updates

Last fortnight updates

  • Kava chain launched on Mainnet.
  • Dashboard upgrade — majority development and the first round of testing are complete. The last few changes are being done before making it live for the users.
  • Crosstalk upgrades — ability to pass gas price for executing the instruction on the destination chain and ability to replay a transaction with a higher gas price in case it is stuck on the destination chain has been completed. Testing has also been completed.
  • Sequencing on Router Crosstalk — the capability to sequence funds transfer and instruction transfer completed development. This will solve a significant pain point for developers who build cross-chain applications.
  • Single asset farm for $ROUTE on Dfyn launched for one month.
  • Created abstract contract for cross-chain minting of NFTs — will allow projects to use this library and provide cross-chain minting of their NFTs. End users can pay from existing chains and mint an NFT on the destination chain.

Following two week’s focus

  • Sequencing on Router Crosstalk — we will test it over the next week. Once testing is complete, thorough documentation will be added on how the sequencer can be utilized.
  • Testing for improvements on the one-split contract will ease the process of adding new DEXes to the Voyager app.
  • Voting optimization — we continue to optimize our voting mechanism to reduce the overall voting cost and make it more scalable for adding more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain.
  • Same chain swaps on explorer — resume the dev effort on this.

Audit Updates

  • Sequencing on Router Crosstalk — the audit will be done for this new update on the Router bridge in the upcoming week post testing is completed.
  • We are also getting all contracts audited by the independent security researcher we have onboarded to work with us regularly.

Marketing Updates

Many activities took place on the marketing front in the last few days at Router Protocol. Here’s the roundup.

Router Protocol’s team was at the Web3 Conference in Goa, where they met terrific folks from the Web 3.0 world and discussed the scope of building strategic partnerships.

After an overwhelmingly positive response to the last staking opportunity, on August 19, we launched the $USDC — $ROUTE staking under the Popular Farms category on DFyn Exchange.

On August 23, our Co-Founder Priyeshu Garg conducted an AMA with our partner Unbound Finance, who integrated Router Widget under the swap function on their dApp.

Web 3.0 BUIDlers have a unique opportunity to use CrossTalk Library to build cross-chain dApps and win a bounty worth upto $5000 at CoinDXC Unfold 2022 hosted by Devfolio. Engineers from Router engineering and product team will be there to help builders build on top of Router.

We wrapped up the coveted Voyage 5.0 contest this week, and we’re still obsessing over the statistics. With Voyage 5.0, we saw over $125 million in trading volume, over 8000 transactions, and almost 650 unique users.

Router also partnered with Layer3 to launch bounties for performing swaps on Voyager. This helps us introduce our cross-chain swaps to thousands of users in the Layer3 community.

Without wasting a breath, we just announced Voyage 6.0. And this time, we’ve broken all the glass ceilings. Participants would have to conduct five cross-chain swaps, one after the other. The top 10 fastest wallets to complete this task would get $ROUTE tokens, but the top 3 winners would get one ticket to Formula 1 Singapore GP.

Partnership Updates

  • We are happy to announce our partnership with VirtuSwap, which will integrate Router Widget into their platform . Who says crypto integrations are challenging? Router widget can provide a quick way for projects to have users perform cross-chain transactions with a simple UI. Integrating the Router cross-chain widget takes less than 5 minutes.
  • We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Houndtrace, a player versus player (PvP) Play-to-earn game. They will integrate CrossTalk to enable cross-chain NFTs. Imagine playing from Multiple chains; yes, that’s now possible!
  • Our strategic partnership with Alterverse will allow Web3 enthusiasts to learn about cross-chain and take part in quests and mini-games to earn rewards through our store In the Metaverse and Acess Cross-Chain ATMs!
  • Our cherished partner Omnisea will integrate Router’s CrossTalk for cross-chain NFTs!
  • Super excited about FactorLaunch, which will be integrating Router’s CrossTalk to their platform, which will help them enhance access to cross-chain liquidity.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






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