Router Protocol: Development Update (July 1)

Development updates

Last week updates

  • Automation of the UI deployment using CI/CD to improve dev efficiency
  • Certain optimizations were done to reduce the time taken to deploy to an EVM chain. We are now testing these changes and measuring the impact.
  • Voyager was launched as the new application for providing swap/transfer functionality across integrated chains.
  • Fees module upgrades were completed on the contract side and we will be picking up effort on the UI side in a couple of weeks.

This week’s focus

  • Improvement on Router Crosstalk — continue our efforts on this initiative. It will allow users to sequence their fund transfer and instruction transfers
  • Voting optimization — we continue to focus on optimizing our voting mechanism with a focus on reducing the overall voting cost and making it more scalable for being able to add more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain. This is a longer project and is expected to take around 2.5–3 months to complete.
  • Continue efforts on the integration of curve AMM-like implementations on our pathfinder to give more optimizations on the prices.
  • Automation of stuck transaction processing — some of our transactions get stuck due to various reasons such as RPC failures or gas-related issues, we are in the process of adding retries on these transactions so that no transaction is stuck for a very long duration.
  • Sample UI implementation for JS SDK — we are working on the creation of a sample UI that would have JS SDK integrated. This will allow partners to quickly fork the code and integrate it on their own UI without having to put additional effort on building UI.

Audit Updates

  • Oak security is continuing the bridge audit along with smart contracts. This is an additional audit going on and will have no impact on deployment timelines.
  • We are still working with Hacken to finalize the audits, some more improvements were discovered and we will be sharing the latest commits with Hacken for the final audit report with the latest commit ids. Once the final report comes in, we will publish it on our Medium.

Marketing & Business Updates

From a marketing standpoint, a lot of exciting stuff happened this week.

Router was featured in an in-depth report by Messari Research. The report included about the architecture, security, and Messari analysts even pulled some stats on protocol usage which showed we have so far processed over $200 million in volume.

Screencap from Messari report

We announced a new identity for Router’s swap product yesterday — Voyager. Cross-chain asset swapping & trading platform is now being given a unique and independent identity as Voyager to cement the larger vision of Router — which is to be the infrastructure layer with our swap app being just one of the many DApps on Router Protocol.

Try Voyager here:

A few days ago, Voyage 3.0 ended which was held parallel to Arbitrum Odyssey. The results were announced on Twitter. Those who participated will receive NFT from Arbitrum and some $ROUTE tokens from Route. Double win!

Voyage 3.0 transactions to Arbitrum

We sent out the rewards to the NFT competition winners. 3,300 $ROUTE were sent to the winners.

Router’s Ramani Ramachandran and Suresh Choudhary attended ETH NYC and evangelized Router. Fair to add, Ramani was also a speaker and judge at the event.

7Pixels integrated the Router cross-chain widget. 7Pixels offers art connoisseurs to participate in laying the foundation of an open and democratized metaverse. Check their website here.

PolygonDaily covered Router Protocol as a top DApp by transaction volume on Polygon (second position).

With an overwhelming response to the ROUTE-USDC farm, we renewed the farm on popular demand for another 21 days. Users can stake their uniswapv3 $ROUTE-#USDC liquidity on for 4 DIGIT APYs.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






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