Router Protocol: Development Update (July 14)

Development updates

Last week updates

  • Integrated Firebird, which is a DEX aggregator on Cronos
  • Sample UI implementation for JS SDK — UI implementation is completed. Now we are integrating the JS SDK with it to provide end to end solutions for projects

This week’s focus

  • Improvement on Router Crosstalk — continue our efforts on this initiative. It will allow users to sequence their fund transfer and instruction transfers.
  • Voting optimization — we continue to focus on optimizing our voting mechanism to reduce the overall voting cost and make it more scalable for adding more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain. This is a longer project and is expected to take around 2.5–3 months to complete.
  • Test Firebird integration and deploy to Mainnet
  • Fees module upgrades UI-related changes
  • Dashboard upgrade — we will be working on a new user dashboard for Voyager, which will get more comprehensive details about user activity on Voyager

Audit Updates

  • Oak security is continuing the bridge audit along with smart contracts. The audit is near completion, and we expect it to end tomorrow. They have already provided the first draft of audit — now we are incorporating the changes they have suggested.
  • We are in the process of finishing the Hacken audit.

Marketing Updates

This was undoubtedly a monumental week for Router Protocol from the marketing front. Here is the roundup of marketing and business activities.

Router Protocol’s cross-chain bridge Voyager is currently listed on Polygon’s “Fast Withdrawal” page.

Router Protocol’s ROUTE-USDC farm is live on Voyager and offers 400% + APR for liquidity in the range.

This week Voyager 4.0, in collaboration with Perpetual Protocol, ended. The results will be announced after 18th July 2022.

Our CEO, Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran went live from Times Square on NASAQ’s “Trade Talks with Jill Malandrino.” Catch the interview on:

Router Protocol’s Abhishek Somani was a part of an AMA hosted by Polygon for #WAGMIJobDrops .

This week we also released JS SDK and Pathfinder API to provide the backend architecture of Router Protocol’s cross-chain bridge: Voyager. This solution would help devs build dApps with the ability to cross-chain swaps/transfers without building a backend architecture.

Router Protocol was also listed as the top App on Polygon (MATIC network) by 24 hours transaction volume. Moreover, Router Protocol ranked second in terms of weekly volume.

After an internal audit, we realized that 90% of the transactions done on Router Protocol were done in less than 90 seconds. Talk about maintaining efficiency while ensuring scalability.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.

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Router Protocol

Router Protocol

A modular cross-chain communication protocol