Router Protocol: Development Update (June 15)

  • Testing for the Router staking contracts, 1inch integration was completed.
  • Fee module upgrades — the changes on the contract and the bridge were completed.
  • JS SDK — development has been completed for this. We are now creating documentation posts in which developers can start integrating our JS SDK to provide cross-chain swaps on their websites
  • Improvements were made in the cross-chain swap APIs for providing more details in the response
  • There were some modifications done on the contracts to support better tracking for transactions via widgets.
  • Integration of curve AMM-like implementations on our pathfinder to give more optimizations on the prices.
  • Improvement on Router Crosstalk — we are working on an advanced feature on router crosstalk that will allow users to sequence their fund transfer and instruction transfers.
  • Same chain with different recipient addresses will be integrated on the UI and tested and released on the Router app.
  • Voting optimization — we continue to focus on optimizing our voting mechanism with a focus on reducing the overall voting cost and making it more scalable for being able to add more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain. This is a longer project and is expected to take around 2.5–3 months to complete.
  • Fix some of the issues reported by auditors. Post this the crosstalk SDK will be made live on the mainnet in the upcoming week on all chains.
  • We have received the final reports for the audit from the Hacken team. We are in the process of implementing the suggestions for them. Once the review is completed, we will open them up for a bigger audience. The reports include — bridge integration tests and audit, staking audit, and crosstalk audit.
  • Audit firm Oak security has started with the audit of the Router Protocol bridge and staking contracts. The audits from Oak are of additional nature and the deployments won’t be blocked on this audit.
  • We have also engaged an individual brilliant smart contract auditor who is helping us significantly upgrade our security. The auditor prefers to remain anonymous.
  • We have also initiated conversations with multiple web2 security firms for auditing and securing components like our widget.

Marketing Updates

Screengrab from Bybit blog
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