Router Protocol: Development Update (June 23)

Development updates

Last week updates

  • We integrated 1Inch in our PathFinder algorithm and trades via Router Protocol are now better optimized as they leverage the 1inch API to find the best trade routes.
  • We launched the Route-USDC pool on Uni v3. Given concentrated liquidity on Uni v3, we will be able to support swaps with much lower liquidity requirements. We also created a farm for users who add liquidity which can be accessed on the Router App.
  • CSV download option was added on the explorer so users can run their individual level analytics as required.
  • Same chain swaps to a different destination address were tested and will be launched in the coming week.

This week’s focus

  • Optimizations in the process of adding new EVM chains — we are working on automating tasks required for adding a new EVM chain on the Router app. The aim remains to reduce the time required by 50–75%.
  • Improvement on Router Crosstalk — we are working on an advanced feature on router crosstalk that will allow users to sequence their fund transfer and instruction transfers
  • Voting optimization — we continue to focus on optimizing our voting mechanism with a focus on reducing the overall voting cost and making it more scalable for being able to add more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain. This is a longer project and is expected to take around 2.5–3 months to complete.
  • Continue efforts on the integration of curve AMM-like implementations on our pathfinder to give more optimizations on the prices.

Router CrossTalk (Solidity SDK) progress

  • CrossTalk made live on all the chains where Router swap functionality has been deployed. We are ironing out some kinks and then will launch CrossTalk.

Audit Updates

  • Oak security is auditing the bridge along with smart contracts. This is an additional audit going on and will have no impact on deployment timelines.
  • We are still working with Hacken to finalize the audits, some more improvements were discovered and we will be sharing the latest commits with Hacken for the final audit report with the latest commit ids. Once the final report comes in, we will publish it on our Medium.

Marketing & Business Updates

From a marketing standpoint, a lot of exciting stuff happened this week. We conducted an internal audit and realized that the cumulative volume of transactions on Router Protocol increased by over 1700 times in the last 30 days.

A few days ago, Voyage 2.0 ended. This week, we disbursed all the rewards.

But before we could even reminisce over the success of Voyage 2.0, we launched Voyage 3.0, the third edition of our trading competition. This is a week-long escapade for our community of voyagers from June 21 to June 27, 2022.

The best part about this edition is that it is running in parallel to Arbitrum Odyssey Bridge Week campaign. So all the participants will get the opportunity to get twice the rewards!

Moreover, for the duration of Voyage 3.0, as a special incentive, cross-chain transactions of moving from any chain to Aribtrum can now be done at a flat bridge fee of $1.Make sure you move some ETH to Arbitrum using Router to earn Arbitrum NFT.

The long-awaited results of the NFT competition were also revealed this week. The rankings of the top 3 positions were decided by a governance proposal that was published earlier this month.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






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