Router Protocol: Development Update (June 8)

  • Harmony and Cronos launched on Mainnet. Graphs for these chains were integrated to support the Router explorer for these chains.
  • Integration of staking contracts on the Router UI is complete — we are now testing the same.
  • Fee module upgrades — we are in the process of making our fee module for token swaps more robust and dynamic. The contract changes are near completion and we will be testing them in the coming week.
  • Aurora chain integration testing has been completed. Will be launched on mainnet in upcoming weeks. The exact date is to be disclosed soon.
  • 1inch integration has been tested for 3 chains and will be made live by next week. Other chains will be tested and launched in the upcoming week.

This week’s focus

  • JS SDK — continued effort on JS SDK which will allow projects to integrate cross-chain swaps/transfers from their applications
  • Testing for following integrations — Fee module upgrades, staking contract on Router UI, Dynamic gas price module integration, 1inch integration for remaining chains.
  • Integration of curve AMM-like implementations on our pathfinder to give more optimizations on the prices.
  • More logging and optimizations are being done on the DevOps side.
  • Voting optimization — we continue to focus on optimizing our voting mechanism with a focus on reducing the overall voting cost and making it more scalable for being able to add more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain. This is a longer project and is expected to take around 2.5–3 months to complete.
  • We are currently working on an enhancement that will allow projects to transfer funds and instructions and sequence them in the order they want. This will be particularly useful for Defi projects which want to go cross-chain as they can make sure that funds are moved across chains and then the instruction is executed.
  • We have received the final reports for the audit from the Hacken team. We are in the process of reviewing them. Once the review is completed, we will open them up for the bigger audience. The reports include — bridge integration tests and audit, staking audit, and crosstalk audit.

Marketing Updates

NFT competition governance results

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