Router Protocol: Development Update (May 12)

Router Protocol
3 min readMay 11, 2022


Development updates

Last week updates

  • Completed 1Inch API integration on Router app and has been deployed in the staging environment.
  • Single asset staking contracts that will reward users who provide liquidity to the bridge were completed. (Bridge liquidity will be opened once the audit report is finalized). We are now getting the audit for this contract.
  • Router Voyages (competition) development was completed and Voyage 1.0 has been released for the Router app users.
  • Improvements on Router widget — added customizations for the theme of the widget along with the ability to add the project’s logo on the widget.

This week’s focus

  • Testing for 1Inch API integration before making it live for our users.
  • Router explorer improvements — graph providing the trend of volume and number of transactions will be added. We will also be adding a download as CSV option so users can download transaction data as CSV.
  • Integration of Harmony, Cronos, and Aurora on the Router app has been started. This is expected to continue for the next couple of weeks.
  • JS SDK — started work on JS SDK which will allow projects to integrate cross-chain swaps/transfers from their applications
  • Continued integration of Terra on Router app — we will be finalizing the contracts in the next couple of weeks and then continue to focus on the bridge integration for Terra. The Terra code will also be useful for us to extend the Router capability to the Cosmos eco-system.

Router CrossTalk (Solidity SDK) progress

  • Router CrossTalk alpha along with detailed documentation has been released for the developers.

Audit Updates

  • Integration testing is in progress by the Hacken team and we are awaiting results from the same. The tentative timeline for completion is 25th May.
  • The staking contracts have also been sent to the audit company for estimation along with the SDK.

Marketing Updates

It has been quite a busy week for Router Protocol on the marketing front. Here is a quick snapshot of all the activities that took place over the last 7 days.

As you might remember, last month on the 14th of April, we announced the development of our first-ever NFT launch. What made this special was that, with a prize pool of 3300 $ROUTE, Router NFT concepts were community-sourced.

We invited developers and designers from our community to build Router NFT with us. To our absolute delight, we received great submissions from our community. But we also received multiple requests to extend the deadline for submissions.

After having an internal discussion, we decided to extend the deadline for submission by one more week, i.e. till 14th May 2022.

On May 10th, we took another big leap towards building a chain agnostic future. While CrossTalk is still undergoing an extensive security audit, we announced the Alpha Launch of CrossTalk.

We also released detailed documentation to use CrossTalk and invited Web 3.0 developers from all over the world to start building on it for dev environments.

Developers who are interested in leveraging this opportunity can join our new Discord server and deploy DApps with cross-chain capabilities.

And finally, we announced the very first edition of the Voyage Trading Competition.

With a prize pool of 12,000 $ROUTE, this is an exciting contest for both new and existing users of Router Protocol. The aim of this competition is to augment the habit of conducting cross-chain transactions amongst the users of Router Protocol.

You can read about the rules of the contest and prize distribution from our latest medium publication.

We are also working with DeFi Insurance provider Unore which will soon announce a partnership to cover insurance for liquidity on Router bridge.

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