Router Protocol: Development Update (May 18)

  • Integration of Harmony, Cronos, and Aurora on the Router app has been completed on staging. We will now be testing the 3 chains.
  • Integration of Terra on Router app halted for now — before making the halt, we finalized the contracts for Terra. We are closely monitoring the Terra ecosystem and will begin efforts on this as soon as we have some concrete next steps from the Terra side.
  • Dynamic gas price module — completed efforts on dynamically passing the gas price on the destination transaction based on the congestion on the destination chain.
  • JS SDK — continued effort on JS SDK which will allow projects to integrate cross-chain swaps/transfers from their applications
  • Testing for following integrations — Harmony, Cronos, Aurora chain integrations, 1Inch integration, Dynamic gas price module integration
  • Integration of staking contract on the Router UI
  • Widget improvements — provide a bias towards certain dex based on the requirement of the partner integrating the widget. This would be useful for our partnerships with various Dexes for widget integration
  • Voting optimization — we have started a project to optimize our voting mechanism with a focus on reducing the overall voting cost and making it more scalable for being able to add more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain
  • Video explaining the end-to-end integration for Router CrossTalk library to create a cross-chain application will be available on Youtube in next few days.
  • The staking and CrossTalk contracts have been given for audit. The tentative timeline for completion is the last week of May.
  • Router bridge contracts' completion date remains 25th May.

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