Router Protocol: Development Update ( Sept 9)

Development updates

Last fortnight updates

  • Team conducted a hackathon on Router Crosstalk in the Unfold event organized by CoinDCX at Bangalore. The overall winner of the hackathon showcased a project using Router crosstalk and nine teams used CrossTalk in their applications. You can check the submissions here.
  • Dashboard upgrade was made live on the mainnet.
  • Crosstalk upgrades — ability to pass gas price for executing the instruction on the destination chain and replay a transaction with higher gas price in case it is stuck on the destination chain was deployed mainnet across all supported chains.
  • Testing for improvements on the one-split contract was completed. Smart Contracts will be upgraded over the coming week.
  • Minor upgrades on Voyager UI — we will now save the last used fee token in the browser cache and use this detail to populate the Voyager swap page when a user opens it again.

Next two week’s focus

  • Sequencing on Router Crosstalk — testing is still in progress, the aim is to complete this over the coming week and deploy it to mainnet
  • Voting optimization — we continue to optimize our voting mechanism to reduce the overall voting cost and make it more scalable for adding more validators in the future for the voting on the destination chain.
  • Same chain swaps on explorer — development efforts are currently ongoing for this initiative.
  • Fee module upgrades — we will be picking up the testing for this initiative in the upcoming week.

Audit Updates

  • Sequencing on Router Crosstalk — the audit will be done for this new update on Router bridge in the upcoming week post-testing is completed.

Marketing Updates

In the last few days, we took significant initiatives to further our marketing efforts. Here is their roundup.

  • A few days ago, we conducted an internal audit to find that the median time taken for transactions on Voyager currently stands at 60 seconds only. Moreover, 90% of the transactions were completed in just 120 seconds.
  • The overall winner of the Unfold 2022 hackathon event was a project called “Cupcake.” Powered by Router Protocol, Cupcake makes cross-chain ecosystems a piece of cake.
  • After Synthr integrated Router Widget on their platform, our Co-Founder, Priyeshu Garg, also conducted an AMA on Twitter spaces with them on 30th August.
  • After getting multiple requests to extend the timeline for Voyage 6.0, we extended the contest to 7th September 2022.
  • We’re also proud to announce that Router Protocol is the official associate sponsor of #BUIDLforWeb3 Hack 2022 by Lumos Labs. With prizes up to $100k for grabs, don’t forget to register before 31st October.
  • Router Protocol’s Tech Team, led by our CTO Shubham, will be amongst the pool of mentors at ETHBerlin. If you see them there, come to say hi!
  • Our CEO, Ramani ‘Ram’ Ramachandran, recently sat down for an insightful podcast by CuratedX where he discussed his Web 3.0 journey and the future of cross-chain along with his thoughts on the current market.
  • On 8th September 2022, our Co-Founder Priyeshu Garg hosted an AMA session with WeFund on Twitter Spaces.
  • And finally, the much-awaited results of Voyage 6.0 were revealed a few hours ago. The top 10 participants won $ROUTE tokens as a prize, and the top three participants on the leaderboard will be given the F1 tickets to Singapore GP.

Business Updates

  • Super excited about our partnership with Crypto collectible game, Aavegotchi, who will now power cross-chain swaps using Router Protocol’s infra! This is one of our most significant partnerships so far!
  • When projects like EQ8 which are enabling large-scale coordination and executions using SBTs are integrating Router’s CrossTalk and hosting our widget on their platform, it provides immense pleasure to our contributors and communities!
  • We are enthralled to announce our partnership with Skytale. This partnership will enable cross chain interoperability to Skytale’s consolidated on-chain data dashboard!
  • We are excited to announce our partnership with Playcent, a blockchain-based user-generated content platform for interactive apps and games. Playcent will integrate Router Widget, giving their users an option to perform cross-chain transactions directly from their UI
  • We are pleased to announce that DefiDash has integrated Router Widget onto its dashboard
  • Millers protocol will integrate Router’s CrossTalk and leverage the cross-chain solutions provided by Router protocol to deploy value, assets and functionalities across various EVM chains
  • Any partnership helps both parties. Naoris Protocol will integrate Router’s CrossTalk to their Decentralized Cyber Security Mesh. Also, Naoris will provide a cyber-secure and validation layer across all devices protecting Router Protocol’s bridging
  • Router Widget has another adopter. We are delighted to announce that PhotonSwap will integrate Router’s Widget to its platform!

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






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