Router Protocol To Support Gasless Transactions While Enabling The Use of Ledger Wallet

After extensive discussions both with the Router community and within the Router team, we have decided to continue supporting gasless transactions while enabling Ledger hardware wallet users to continue interacting with the network.

Deployed on Polygon (Matic), Router is able to utilize the extensive and innovative infrastructure provided by the network for its AMM node — Dfyn.

Dfyn offers the ability to perform instant, gasless transactions. Dfyn Network utilizes Biconomy, a relayer infrastructure network and transaction platform that provides users with powerful APIs. These APIs essentially abstract away blockchain complexities by implementing gas-efficient meta-transactions.

However, implementing gasless transactions provided by Biconomy’s infrastructure inadvertently created a significant issue for Ledger hardware wallet users. Meta-transactions require EIP-712 signatures from users, but interacting with Metamask wallet showed that it doesn’t support Ledger hardware wallets.

And while Metamask support reached out and assured users a fix for the issue was found in the upcoming versions, it could take some time before the solution is merged.

In the meantime, we asked the Dfyn community to take a vote and decide on how we should set out to solve the issue.

When asked whether to remove meta-transactions to allow Ledger users to interact with the network or keep meta transactions and lockout Ledger users, 38 percent voted for removing gasless meta-transactions, while 62 percent voted for keeping them. It means 38% of the users wanted Ledger support. We wanted to help satisfy everyone.

At first, the results of the community poll were pretty straightforward — the majority of Dfyn users said they aren’t active Ledger users and that the issue wouldn’t affect them.

However, after some consideration, we have decided that 38 percent is still a huge percentage of the Dfyn and Router communities, which is why we decided to find a solution that works for both transactions.

As of 23 March, the Dfyn network will support both meta-transactions and enable Ledger users to access the network. Gasless meta-transactions will remain on the current Dfyn domain, while support for Ledger users will be deployed on, a different subdomain. And while app.dfyn won’t have meta-transactions enabled, but it will support Ledger transactions.

Router Protocol and Dfyn want to thank their communities for participating in the debate and helping our teams find the best way of resolving a pressing issue.

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