Router Protocol: Update (April-II)

Development updates

  • Mobile UI optimized further to show multiple transactions in a single view
  • Easier search options are provided for searching transactions in explorer
  • Fixed a bug that lead to the incorrect mapping between source and destination transactions for a few swaps
  • Analysis for 1Inch API integration was done. Integration of liquidity pools for providing better trades on the Router app is being tested
  • Better tracking for widgets data — We have developed a backend that will track the transactions done by a particular widget
  • Integration of 1Inch API into our pathfinder to provide even better and optimized cross-chain swaps to our users
  • We will continue building the single asset staking contracts which will reward users who provide liquidity to the bridge. The staking rewards will be higher for users who lock their assets for a longer duration on the bridge. (Bridge liquidity will be opened once the audit report is finalized)
  • We have now also started working on the changes required for the bridge to integrate Terra while contracts are being planned to be finalized in the next couple of weeks.

Marketing Updates

Cronos and Harmony coming soon

Partnership Updates

About Router Protocol



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