Router Protocol: Update (April-II)

We are back with some core updates!

Development updates

Improvements on router cross-chain explorer

  • Mobile UI optimized further to show multiple transactions in a single view
  • Easier search options are provided for searching transactions in explorer
  • Fixed a bug that lead to the incorrect mapping between source and destination transactions for a few swaps

Last week focus

  • Analysis for 1Inch API integration was done. Integration of liquidity pools for providing better trades on the Router app is being tested
  • Better tracking for widgets data — We have developed a backend that will track the transactions done by a particular widget

This week’s focus

  • Integration of 1Inch API into our pathfinder to provide even better and optimized cross-chain swaps to our users
  • We will continue building the single asset staking contracts which will reward users who provide liquidity to the bridge. The staking rewards will be higher for users who lock their assets for a longer duration on the bridge. (Bridge liquidity will be opened once the audit report is finalized)
  • We have now also started working on the changes required for the bridge to integrate Terra while contracts are being planned to be finalized in the next couple of weeks.

An internal hackathon will be conducted starting April 23 to showcase multiple use cases which can be delivered using Router SDK.

Marketing Updates

Router Protocol had quite an eventful week and here’s a quick roundup of our most exciting news and announcements.

We got selected in the Binance MVB incubation program and will be likely joining the cohort from June/July 2022.

We started this week by announcing that we have decided to crowdsource our first-ever NFT Launch. As an incentive to participate in this community-based project, we have kept a financial incentive of 4300 $ROUTE for the top 10 entries. To get more details about this competition, you can read this blog.

We also uploaded a short video guide that provided a step-by-step process of swapping tokens from Ethereum to any token on Avalanche in under 3 minutes. Watch the video here.

If you’ve been following us for a while then you know that our community is always our top priority. This is why we always make sure that we are conducting informative and interactive sessions to ensure our collective growth.

Our recent AMA took place with the Little Dogs community on Telegram. We will share a summary of the AMA in a few days.

The other AMA is happening on April 21, with Fantom Foundation. This will take place on Twitter Spaces at 8:30 PM IST/ 3:00 PM UTC. Set your reminder for it here

We take pride in maintaining a decentralized approach for all our internal developments. On April 7, we published a governance proposal to choose the next 2 EVM chains that should be integrated into our mesh. By April 18, our community decided that the next two EVM chains that they want us to integrate are Cronos and Harmony.

Cronos and Harmony coming soon

And finally, Router’s Chief Bridgooor Ramani will be in attendance at ETHAmsterdam as a judge of the hackathon. If you’re planning to be a part of the event, don’t hesitate to go and say Hi!

Partnership Updates

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a suite of cross-chain infra primitives that aims to enable blockchain interoperability between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.






Telegram announcements:





A modular cross-chain communication protocol

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Router Protocol

Router Protocol

A modular cross-chain communication protocol

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