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4 min readSep 11, 2023

A Season of Innovation and Expansion at Router Protocol

Router Protocol has made significant advancements, including new chain integrations, Bitcoin interoperability, and the expansion of the Gamified Testnet Mandara. The protocol has actively engaged with the community through workshops and events and formed strategic partnerships. Our focus remains on enhancing the ecosystem and increasing transaction volumes. Stay tuned for upcoming developments in October, including the launch of a flagship dApp.

New Chain Integrations, Bridge Integrations, Bitcoin Interoperability

In the last few weeks, we have expanded Testnet Mandara to include various blockchain networks like Scroll, Near, and Linea. Along with Mantle, Ethereum’s Goerli, Avalanche Fuji, Polygon’s Mumbai Matic, and Arbitrum Testnet! Offering developers a comprehensive environment to test and experiment with different blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and interoperability solutions.

Router’s Asset Transfer Bridge also saw the integration of Circle’s CCTP on Arbitrum! This development enhanced our cross-chain dApp, enabling seamless interoperability for $USDC on the Arbitrum network. Along with this, we took our first step towards Bitcoin Interoperability by integrating the Rootstock chain on Router V1. Learn more about it here.

Phase 1 of Mandara GT with Updates on Horizon for Phase 2, Sandbox, and Ambassador Program Launch

As many of you may be aware, Phase 1 of our Gamified Testnet is now in full swing, with around 15,000 NFTs already being minted. If you haven’t had the chance to participate yet, you can access it through this link: and get yourselves ready for Phase 2, which will be an inclusive ecosystem that gives you a new gamified experience of participating in a Testnet!

Additionally, the Router’s Sandbox is live. This intuitive prototyping environment streamlines the processes of compiling, deploying, and interacting with sample IDApps (Interoperable Dapps) across various blockchain networks. Read more.

Our Ambassador’s Program, an opportunity for individuals to actively engage with and support the project while enjoying various benefits and rewards, is live. You can explore the provided link for more details on how to get involved. Check it out!

Router’s Networking Highlights and New Partnerships

Router made its presence felt at EthCC, and we also conducted various workshops in Bhopal and Bengaluru; we saw over 500 devs who explored Router’s cross-chain Infra and learnt the seamless way to build Interoperable dApps in these workshops!

Our Co-founder and CEO, Ramani Ramachandran, represented Router at Stanford Blockchain Week and was also a speaker at the 6th edition of Korea Blockchain Week, sharing our vision and expertise with a global audience. Further, Router’s team will be at Token2049 in Singapore from September 13–14, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to connect with us.

In our efforts to grow our ecosystem, we’ve formed strategic partnerships with a range of projects. These include collaborations with ForceFi, Firepot Finance, OPX Finance, Pontoon, Quick Intel, Planq Network, Kunji, Electron Labs, Rivera, Lamas Finance, Xade, and TrikOn.

Router Cross-Connect and IDAppathon

We hosted the inaugural Router Cross Connect event, a Twitter Spaces marathon featuring speakers from over 50+ prominent projects. Among the notable participants were Kyber, Shardeum, Push, Linea, Mantle, Circle, Near, Ankr, Sei, dYdX, LiFi, Rango, Biconomy, Rootstock, and many others. Manisha Khadanga and Justin Roberti hosted it, and you can listen to the event recording by following this link.

During our second Router Cross Connect, we underscored the vital role of wallet communication with speakers from 1inch, Halo wallet (Kucoin Wallet), Fox wallet, Krystal wallet, UKISS technology, XDefi & Timeless wallet. Our hosts, Chief Strategist and Marketing Officer Ashutosh Sahoo and Olesia Deineka from Business Development, expertly guided us through, and you can hear the recording of the spaces here.

Moreover, Router’s IDAppathon has concluded, dedicated to supporting projects and involving a diverse group of builders in experimenting with and launching blockchain solutions on Router Protocol’s Testnet. You can learn more about the winning projects by visiting the provided link.

Upcoming Major Events

After the successful launch of Ping Pong, TEXchange, and Sandbox, we’re coming up with another interesting Interoperable dApp, aka IDApp, on our Tesnet Mandara.

We’ve made significant architectural changes to our cross-chain bridge and making some refinements now, and it’ll be ready to ship in the second half of October. This bridge will be fully on-chain and technically the first flagship dApp of the blockchain we’ve built. With an eye on the commercial side of the business, the focus will be to get more transactions and volumes, thereby increasing the usage of $ROUTE.

Phase 2 of Mandara Gamified Testnet will be launched in the 1st half of October and will co-exist with our first flagship dApp.

Besides, our community’s biggest and favourite cross-chain campaign will be launched this September! Can you guess what we’re talking about?

Router Protocol continues to expand the ecosystem, fostering innovation and interoperability in the blockchain space. Stay connected and explore the latest developments by visiting our website and engaging on the social media channels.

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