Step by Step Guide to help you create a little ‘YOU’ on Phase 1 of Router’s Gamified Testnet Mandara

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4 min readJul 20


We are happy to announce the recent launch of Phase 1 for Router Chain’s Gamified Testnet Mandara. This comprehensive guide has been designed to assist you in seamlessly minting your very own character on the platform. To help you with the entire process, this guide is divided into two parts —

1. Getting $ROUTE and adding Router Network

2. NFT minting via Wallet Connect using Chrome Browser


To begin with, we recommend you first get Router Chain’s tesnet token from our faucet and add Router Network. Let’s see how it’s done —

STEP I. Visit and paste your Metamask wallet address —

STEP II. After pasting your address, click on ‘Router Network’ and click on ‘Connect’ —

STEP III. After its connected, click on Add Network —

STEP IV. Now, click on Get Test Tokens, and you’ll receive your tokens —

If you have completed the above steps, you’ll receive 0.5 $ROUTE in your wallet and your Metamask wallet also has Router’s Test Network added.

NOTE: If you’re trying it on your mobile screens, we request you to do the above-mentioned process within your Metamask Wallet.


Now, let’s jump on the NFT minting part, but make sure you have $ROUTE tesnet tokens and Router’s Network in your Metamask Wallet before starting this process.

STEP I. Visit and select your Character Class —

STEP II. After selecting the Character Class, Attributes, and answering your Skills and Goals, come to the Minting part —

STEP III. Now, click on ‘Connect Metamask’, and you’ll see this Wallet Connect Pop-up; choose Metamask here, and after that, connect your wallet —

STEP IV. After the completion of the connection, you’ll see your wallet connected, and now finally, you click on ‘Mint’

You’ll be taken to this game of collecting the coins while your NFT is being Minted —

STEP V. Within a few seconds, your NFT will be minted, and you’ll land here —

STEP VI. Collect your coins, see what’s in the future, and get connected on our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord —


In conclusion, with the recent launch of Phase 1 for Router Chain’s Gamified Testnet Mandara, you have the opportunity to seamlessly mint your unique character.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, the Gamified and Incentivised Testnet Mandara offers an immersive experience for all.

Stay tuned for Phase 2, and keep us close at hand by following us on your preferred social media platform!

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